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Data privacy awareness is a corporate necessity.

Let’s train the trainer! Leaders, it is imperative that you understand privacy risks, impact and consequence of non-compliance with privacy and protection regulations. It trickles down from the top and when you understand it, you can effectively train your team about privacy awareness. 

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Belinda Enoma

I am a Certified Information Privacy Professional focusing on the US and EU data privacy and protection laws. I have been in the data privacy and security industry since 2012. Prior to that, I have been speaking, training and writing in diverse fields for many years.

I empower corporate leaders to train their staff about data privacy and security issues through periodic awareness trainings. My background is law, tech consulting, data privacy and security consulting, digital entrepreneurship, marketing technology and online / eCommerce transactions.

Now that you have read a few bits and bobs about me, do you know that what we think people know, they really do not know? Don’t assume that privacy awareness is top priority for your staff. Don’t wait for a data breach before you act. Besides, data protection regulations like the GDPR (Articles 37 and 43) require these appropriate privacy awareness trainings.


It was a pleasure working with Belinda during earlier days with Starwood Hotels. Her effective communication skills and commitment to work was impressive. She brought in so much value to the table in terms of delivering best possible customer experience. Since then I have been in touch with her and amazed by so many initiatives she has taken on and has evolved into a successful business strategist. Her expertise in business analysis has certainly helped many organizations out there.

– ajit khadse

How I Became a Data Privacy Corporate Trainer

For many years I had been speaking on diverse topics and whenever I talked to individuals about cyber privacy, I got requests for in-depth training session or webinar. Webinars are great and educational but I often tell people to know where their strengths lie and stay in their lanes.

I found out that I was more comfortable with in-house face-to-face trainings and besides delivering solutions, I thrived in that zone. Besides consulting in the data privacy arena (creating policies and procedures, DPIAs et al), I enjoy speaking to people, sharing knowledge and helping organizations make better decisions.

Part of my corporate data privacy awareness training has been “train the trainer” sessions for C-level staff.

I wasn’t always in the privacy industry. After law school, I consulted in IT in various capacities in Fortune 500 corporations across Europe and USA such as PwC, Aetna (Active Health Management), Medtronic, SONY. In addition, I worked on electronic discovery projects reviewing legal documents, I searched for a way to combine all my expertise and use it effectively, so here I am!


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